3 Old Ladies

Ask the old Ladies

10574392_542762325828187_6886498219574307878_nIf you ever wonder what i going on at the neighbor’s house the best way to find out is to ask the 3 old ladies. They know everything going on in your area and they know the good the bad and the ugly. The old ladies are sure to keep their view of the neighborhood clear so they use tree removal wichita to remove the old trees that might obstruct  their line of sight.  So they will notice the high school kids out being idiots at their prom. They will know who does the walk of shame that next morning. and who was brought home by the police in the middle of the night. You can bet your house is safe with them having nothing to do all day long but sit around and watch the workers and the stay at home moms and the gentlemen who they have come calling when their husbands are at work all day to pay the bills.

So this being said wichita tree service is getting the most business they have had in years. These little old ladies will run out of trees to trim and remove soon. So a good tree trimming company will be needed more work soon. This may be a great time to call then and get a quote on cleaning up your beautiful property. Click on one of the links here to go to a good landscaping and tree trimming web site to get their contact information. Or you can fill out one of their contact us now forms and have a professional contact you for a free and detailed report.

Now think about your window coverings and remember every move you make inside your house is completely watched and probably recorded by the crazy little old ladies in your neighborhood. They are the true watchers of the city you live in. They know more about what’s really going on that most police officers.

Good luck with your privacy and chalk this up to technology and the ever smaller world we live in.

Your favorite granny watcher is checking out


Old Ladies Piano Moving

pianomovingdallasHave you ever thought to call a professional piano moving service for help moving your giant grand piano to the third floor of your home? Did you consider the best company to move that gigantic grand piano with zero mistakes and exceptional service, like making sure the piano is in tune when the job is complete? Just like when piano movers dallas completes their jobs. Well maybe it’s time the word gets out about the companies that just do it better than the other companies in that area. Probably the best source for finding a good company, i mean if you want the best word of month you should talk the the little old lady community. I hear the knowledge that comes from the my grandma and her little group of friends. The deals they get on their little shopping adventures to have professional work done it’s amazing. Maybe the best way to find a dallas piano moving company is to just listen in to their conversation and even ask them a questions. let them check the grape vine and tell you what the low down is from your local neighborhood.

I remember when the 3 old ladies in my grandma’s network helped get me a new job across town. I thought there is no way they have this many connections in this big city.  And next thing i knew i not only got that great interview and job from my grandma’s friends. but they found me a new place to live and hooked me up with a great moving company. They had my furniture delivered and had dallas piano movers get my humongous grand piano all the way over to my new house. And my newhouse was on the water with a private dock to tie my new boat up to. What more can i ask except now i need a butler and amid to make things perfect an my grandma will have a place to come hang out.

So never underestimate your grandma and her conextions. And never let 3 little old ladies fool you. the can get you anything you want .


And Then The Roof Blew Off!

IMG_20150405_192233342Have you ever witnessed the power of mother nature? The incredible beauty of the world can change very quickly and become downright scary in a matter of minutes. Some say the Indians could read the weather and knew what was coming or at least had some warning. All i know is the weather is a still a hot topic on all of our modern news channels. They pumped millions of dollars into research and warning systems and predictable algorithms. Only to have one major catastrophe after another. Its almost like the stock market where a monkey and produce the same results as non corrupt broker.

We as a species are still caught of guard every day by a another phenomenon, and they all seem to be caused by mother nature. Probably the best defense to these weather conditions is to have a good dwelling. Knowing good roofing companies wichita ks is a nice start. But getting to know what the symptoms good be in the ever moving world is better. Maybe you will befriend a old indian chief that will get your prior warning. And knowing what type of weather or climate you live in is mandatory.So do your own research and find some good roofing contractors wichita ks and find a good window cleaner. Because fighting the elements is not a new thing. There are many out there that can help you out and are willing to get involved especially in a an emergency situation. Like a tornado or a hail storm. Where the damage is beyond the normal realm of the nice sunshine weather of sunny california.

If you think about it watching the nightly new to prepare for a weather event does not seem like the best way to survive a bad situation. It seems to be more of have the right set up in the first place and being prepared for any weather that might accrue in your part of the country would be the first response of a logical person. So now your are and if yo live in the great state of Kansas then you should get with a good company like roofing wichita ks.

The danged carpet cleaner who haunted me

some cute chickThere was this carpet cleaner who once cleaned my carpets. It was a really old man, he actually kind of had this look on his face like he was going to die soon, maybe he was really sick. I didn’t like him but we were moving and he reminded me of 3 old lades.. . . .

I needed some carpet cleaning in Wichita, KS – actually, this is my home town. I needed it most when I was moving from my place I’d lived for so long before I grew old, to California. The golden state of beautiful women and beautiful things.

I put this cute girl here to hopefully capture your attention. :)

The main difference now is that quite frankly, I don’t give a f*ck about California anymore. Because I’m getting to that point where my candlelight will go out. However before I do, I wanted to speak of this time in my youth when I saw a haunting. This carpet cleaner, there was something about him and his deathly ill look on his face. The pale skin, something beneath, I could not exclaim, yet only wonder why.

It was about a year later that I started to hear things in my place of residence. I wonder what this carpet cleaner in Wichita KS had done to my house.

It must have been something because I would hear the same noise as the machine he used to clean my house. I still wonder to this day what kind of thing would cause those noises. And today, I am confronted with the definition of a poltergeist.

It all sounds too strangely familiar – such as 3 old ladies.

Furthermore, Composition Revisited:

Say, for instance, an American goes to England to meet with a very valued client at a dinner party. If the American is uneducated in the proper style of etiquette that prestigious and wealthy British members find influential, he may encroach on cultural intelligence. If he is constantly belching, speaking out of context and using utensils improperly, the British clients may be left with a bad taste in their mouth. This is why cultural intelligence is so important; it enables individuals to effectively handle culturally diverse settings.

The cultural differences of cultural intelligence are learned by taking much time to understand a certain culture. One cannot be from some part of the world and expect to go to the opposite side without some form of culture clash. Through much self-awareness and study of another culture, one is able to increase his or her cultural intelligence (otherwise known as CQ).

The advantages of having a good understanding of cultural intelligence will allow a leader to interact with other cultures more efficiently –hopefully enabling them to avoid a scenario similar to the American and the British above. If one can understand the difference between critique and emotional outburst of a certain culture, they will be more inclined to promote better business with them. Having a diverse team will further enable positive results from the cross-communication. This is why cultural intelligence of a region is a must if one is planning to do business with them.

Cultural intelligence is an extremely in depth field. It takes into account all of the dynamics of a particular culture for better cultural understanding. Without understanding CQ, one will not be able to communicate effectively in a cross-cultural setting. This is why leaders must develop the skills of idiosyncrasy. Furthermore from this, having a team that is already extremely diverse will only make understanding CQ and implementing cross-cultural communication easier. In this way, both parties are able to interact in a manner that is acceptable on both ends. The three components are heavily integrated into one another and must be firmly understood by any leader who wishes to expand his or her company to a successful international level

Fast Solutions to World Problems in Ethics

A very promising solution to this problem is developing a diverse team filled with all types of ethnic, sex-oriented, and cultural backgrounds –as discussed earlier. Having people of different ethnic backgrounds, that similar to the client, can make discourses happen much more smoothly. This is because someone in the company already knows the culture of the client and is then able to educate people in the company of particular interests in cross-cultural communications. Not only can they educate people within their own company, they can work with the client first hand to make sure the encounter goes as planned.

Difficulties can arise in cross-cultural communications due to barriers. Language barriers, for instance, may make it impossible for two parties to understand each other. There are other barriers, such as mannerisms and body language, that can also impede successful conversations. The solutions to these problems include strong leadership skills, highly diverse organizations of people, and cultural intelligence. A highly diverse group will allow one to better understand cultural boundaries whereas having particular employees of high cultural intelligence will allow the flow of conversation to take place effectively, possibly creating new business, to the alternative of brash conversations that negatively affect business. Having strong leadership skills to direct the flow of information in cross-cultural communications will allow relationships to develop more prosperously. In turn, there are internal forces that may hinder success for some of these communications.

Cross-cultural communications do not always flow as smoothly as some would like. In some organizations, “a company can also impede its progress all because of cultural misperceptions or unintended affronts” (Cross-Cultural Communication Takes More than Manners). This means that the cultural beliefs held by one individual may allow them to see something as threatening from another who meant no harm. The problem here is that this can happen internally within the company. For instance, if an Islamic holiday is not recognized by a company that has Christmas day off from work, this can stir harsh feelings amongst those who practice Islamic customs. The best way to deal with scenarios like this is to be extremely understanding in the role of diversity leadership. One must act of idiosyncrasy, recognizing the peculiar interests of each individual, thus abridging differences.

The skills necessary for a strong leader in cross-cultural communications are underlined by idiosyncrasy. These leaders must not be brash and act quickly from emotions such as anger. Solutions to problems, both internal and external regarding cultural differences, must be handled with care and much time –each developing solution should be well thought out and articulated. Leaders as such should even educate themselves to handle different multicultural environments. This is an ever expanding project of self-awareness that creates a strong leader of diversity that should also be done in line with those having cultural intelligence.

Having cultural intelligence is a very effective tool in a multinational company. The reason for this is to determine how people interact within a culture, and then use this to communicate and interact effectively in culturally diverse settings. If one does not understand cultural intelligence, then they will not be prepared to deal with the cultural differences that will surely find them in another country.

Business is a very delicate practice that involves the voluntary participation of two parties. These two parties must interact in a very mannered and understanding way as to make the interactions move along smoothly. If there is a lack of cultural intelligence, then one is sure to unintentionally step on the other party’s toes.